As mentioned in the 'About Us' Page, Cisco, as he was affectionately named, was found by my sister and I amongst a number of other horses, at the Blacktown Pound on 31/12/2004. With his breeding and history unknown, this 13.2h Buckskin Pony Stallion had that special something about him that drew me to him instantly. Several weeks later, with the help of some friends, I purchased the then sickly looking steed at the Camden horse sales for $210. He walked on the float like a gentleman, and once at home in Kellyville, his manners and disposition did not change.

As he was such a pleasure to handle, we kept him entire. A general health check had him aged around 10 - 12 years, although his under nourished body made him look a lot more imature. After a bit of good food, grooming and exercise, we saw this boy blossom into a stunning animal.

After starting him under saddle, it was obvious that he had had little to no riding experience. He was extremely quiet, reliable and an incredibly quick learner. I handed his training over to dressage trainer and rider, Helena SHANAL, and in no time he was competing in his first preliminary dressage test. He soon caught the eyes of the judges and was consistently scoring in the 60% bracket. We registered him with the EFA, the Buckskin Horse Association NSW and United Palomino White Buckskin & Dun Association.

He competed in several local shows in his coloured classes and at local dressage competitions. Cisco never disapointed us and always came home with a wide sash.  His talent for dressage became ever more apparent and he soon moved from prelim to novice and then from Novice to elementary.

In 2006, we ventured to the Royal Easter Show and competed in the Novice Adult Pony Dressage, coming third and first, consecutively, in his two tests, was enough to secure his position as Champion Adult Novice Dressage Pony. Cisco also competed in the Led Buckskin Stallion class, achieving 2nd  of 3 stallions.

During 2006, Cisco continued competing at elementary level, while beginning to train medium movements. He quickly gained EFA points for Pony Dressage. In September 2006, we attended the NSW Pony Dressage Championships. Due to the limited number of entries, we were given special dispensation to compete in the FEI competition, despite not having competed in a medium test to date. Not only did he exceed our expectations by completing a good test... HE WON! Against several well competed ponies. Cisco also competed in two Elementry tests, achieving 2nd and 3rd, and only missing Reserve Champion Elementry by a couple of persentage points.

In late 2006, Cisco began competing at Medium level. We also continued showing him in his coloured classes, and at the Buckskin Nationals in December 2006 he won the Supreme Ridden Buckskin and the Overall Highpoint for 2006.

In 2007, we registered him with the Australian Saddle Pony Association and the Australian Sports Pony Registry, where he was graded 1st Premium in his assesment. He competed at Canberra Royal where he won first and second place in his two elementary tests. We collected semen from him in early 2007, because I knew in the future I would want to breed from this amazing boy and he would no doubt pass on his style and grace to his prodgeny. He continued consistantly scoring above 60% in Medium test, and at his last outing with us at Clarendon,(competing H.C. due to the large amount of official points he had acrewed), he out scored all of the large horses, including Judy DIERKS mare Donna Carina.

Unfortunately due to strained finances, I was forced to make the heart breaking decision to sell Cisco in 2007. We were fortunate that he found a great home with show rider, Martine DUNCAN.

Cisco has since been gelded and is now living with Melissa and Ashley CLARKE, where he continues to compete in shows and pony dressage. We still have an amount of frozen seman available to purchase for the extremely reasonable price of $450 LFG.