Red Hot Chilli

Chewy is a TB Gelding that I bought in 1997 from Fran Smith in Bunderburg. It was love at first ride. I ADORE this horse! He is AMAZING! He has done a bit of everything and is as honest and as gentle as they come. He will NEVER leave Springbank :)


Mojo is a pure bred Bloodhound, who was bred by Tina Smart of Forbes and previously owned by Tracey West of Canberra. I purchased Mojo in August 2008, when he was a little over a year old. For 12 months we worked with a group called "Search Til Found Bloodhounds" which is a volunteer group, who train Bloodhounds to search for missing people. During 2008 & 2009, several Bloodhounds, including Mojo were invited by the Police and the families of missing people to assist with searching for their loved ones.

Mojo is a larakin. He has a huge heart and is the clown of Springbank :)


Macie is a Ridgeback cross that I bought from Hawkesbury Pound during 2005. She is a gorgeous girl with a sweet heart :)


Nelly is a cattle dog x bull terrier that I bought from Monicas Dog Rescue in 2001. She the canine Princess of Springbank, with Ella being the equine Princess :)